Coming July 12-22 to the Catherine Hickman Theater                                                                                                                                                                                           

Doctor, Doctor Written and directed by Joan Antonicelli

Three people consider cosmetic surgery. 

Cast: Deb Birchler, Bill DeYoung, Carmilina Alford. 

Grandma Bridie Written by Michael F. Bruck - Directed by Lucy Bishop  

A cantankerous woman, 90 years of age, lives with her daughter and son-in-law.

Cast: Geri Eaton, Mike Fasso, Marina Spears

Guaranteed Written by James McLindon - Directed by Stan Gurvitz

Bank robber comes to hold up the branch and gets a lesson in law and love instead.

Cast: Nick Fokianos, Kara Steinman Fokianos, Russ Tate

If You Knew Written by Jose Torres - Directed by Stan Gurvitz

Three sisters discover secrets about their mother's past.

Cast: Kate Pollard, Mary Selmi, Mary Hart, Peggy Beane.

Lunch With Doreen Written and directed by Maggie Gouldin

Fast-talking Doreen prepares food for her lunch guest, Sandra.

Cast: Eileen Navarro, Susan Taylor.

Myth-Taken Identity Written by Jim Moss - Directed by Katie Calahan

Charlie and Cindy both grapple with the needs of their childhood fantasies. 

Cast: Rachel Reed, Nathan Tilley

Portland Written by Marj O'Neill-Butler - Directed by Stephen Bell

Kayla is horrified by her Florida mother, who dresses colorfully and always says what's on her mind. Kayla is afraid to have her mother meet her boyfriend.

Cast: Alex Mixon, Emily Day, Velda Gauthier, Joshua Goldman

Selling of the Shrine Written by James T. Kitchens - Directed by Stephen Bell

Bill and Mary have decided to downsize from their house to a one bedroom condo. When their millennium children hear the news, they pitch a fit.

Cast: Pete Shepherd, Olga Kruse, Dave Renwick, Sara Sabourin


Sleep Potato Vine Written by Connie Schindewolf - Directed by Katie Calahan

Amber is suffering from insomnia. She is fearful of something coming in her window and trying to strangle her. Her fears are justified...sort of.

Cast: Michael McAuley, Alexander Miller.

The Love of the Game by Frank Shima - Directed by Lucy Bishop

Fans at a baseball game each enjoy the game in their own way. One discovers a new appreciation for the game.

Cast: Juliana Saraiva, Ryan Uptgraft, Richard LeBeau, Angie LeBeau.