17th Summer One-Acts

July 6-16, 2017

Ten original plays by Florida playwrights. See all 10 plays in one evening.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Good Grooming for the Discriminating Gentleman

by Jonathan Schork

Adam, a young gay man is new to werewolfism. Lou, an older, sophisticated urbanite, knows a few things. They share stories about their lives waiting for a dig grooming at Patty's Puppy Love, where the young receptionist offers consultations and makes appointments.

Here Comes the Drone

by Arlene Hutton

An accident at a wedding causes a bride to rethink her future. The setting is a "natural wonder" tourist attraction that has seen better days...this motel peaked in the 50's.


by Connie Schindewolf

Matt and Allie take possession of their new house and discover a gift has been left for them. They will have the house of the future, inclusive of Housekeeping 102...a beautiful robot!

Memory Card

by Connie Schindewolf

Cora and Carol are in an experimental memory care facility. Their memories come and go with downloads and deletions. Though both suffer from dementia, their friendship remains stalwart until a certain secret is revealed.

Neighborly Succession Plans 

by John Grant Stone

The action takes place in a condominium community where Mark is trying to enjoy life as a recently-retired widower. Mark is threatened by the intrigues of several neighbors, close female friends of his late wife. When he enlists the help of a younger female friend, Mark unleashes more trouble than he bargained for.

Rule #3

by Julie Malady and Robert Meyers

Action of the play takes place in Howard's apartment in Living Large Condominiums. He is confronted by his fashionista, estranged wife Jessica, whom he hasn't seen in many years.

Sex and the Mailman

by Larry Nadler and Jose Torres

Barbara wants her mother Sylvia to move into an assistant living facility due to some strange behavior. Sylvia starts out to explain these concerns, when she can't, Barbara feels she has no choice but to pursue a nursing home. Divine intervention  (so it may seem) helps explain what she can't.

The Theatre of Plagiarism

by James Marlow

The play begins on the stage but is interrupted by a member of the audience who claims plagiarism. The incensed playwright stands to rebut the accusation. The play self-destructs when audience member chases playwright out of the auditorium.

Tucked in Panama

by Les Abromovitz

A man and a woman sit next to each other on a flight to Panama, and both believe the trip will change their lives. 


by Jonathan Schork

An emerging artist learns how to talk about her artwork at a gallery opening. Characters break the 4th wall in a documentary intrusion to discuss what really happened.