"Breaking the Code"

November 6-7, 2017 @7PM

The play tells the story of Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician, who cracked the German Enigma code which helped win World War II. Meanwhile, he also "broke the code" by being unapologetically homosexual at a time when homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain. It was on Churchill's specific instructions that Turing was given all the resources he required - and his behaviour tolerated. However, the system eventually catches up with Alan. 

Following a run in the London West End beginning in November 1986, the play ran on Broadway from November 1987 for five months. 

The play is biographical covering Turing's life from a small boy through to his death at the age of 41. It is multi-scene with imaginative staging.

Mike Nower directs and will be looking to fill this 9-member cast:

Alan Turing - Age 8 to 41

Mick Ross (30-45), detective

Sara Turing (38-71), Turing's mother

Ron Miller (20-30), a young man having affair with Turing

Dilly Knox (60-70), manager at Bletchley Park

Patricia "Pat" Green (24-30), a co-worker of Turing

Christopher Morcom (8-17), Alan's school age friend

John Smith (30+), British Secret Service agent

Nikos (20+), a young Greek lover

Auditions take place Monday, November 6 and Tuesday, November 7 at the Players' Back Door Theater, 1619 49th Street South, Gulfport, Florida. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete an audition form. Resumes and headshots are helpful but not mandatory.

"Breaking the Code" will be performed January 11-21, 2018 at the Catherine Hickman Theater of Gulfport.