Sun, Feb 11 & Mon, Feb 12

Mornings At Seven takes place in 1938 and plays out over just two days in the lives of the four aging Gibb sisters living in a small Midwestern town. Homer Bolton, the awkward 40-year old son, brings home his girlfriend for the first time after 12 years of courtship. He unintentionally stirs old passions and creates new problems in the lives of everyone around him. 

4 males, 5 females

Theodore Swanson (60-75), Cora Swanson (60-75), Aary Gibbs (60-75),  

Ida Bolton(60-75), Carl Bolton(60-75), Homer Bolton(40), Myrtle Brown(40), 

Esther (Esty) Crampton(60-75), David Crampton(60-75).

Auditions take place Sunday, February 11 and Monday, February 12, 7PM, the Players' Back Door Theater, 1619 49th Street South, Gulfport, Florida. Plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete an audition form. Resumes and headshots are helpful but not mandatory. No compensation or stipends.

"Mornings At Seven" will be performed April 19-29 at the Catherine Hickman Theater of Gulfport.