Miss Edwina

(and the men in her life)
January 13-14 @ 7 PM

The Gulfport Community Players will hold auditions for the second original play of their 2020 season. This play, by local playwright Patrick Brafford, takes place in Clayton, Missouri. It is September 1969, Edwina and her son Dakin, have just returned from the hospital. It is a critical time in their lives and the life of her other son, Tennessee Williams. the play centers around the desperate decision she has to make regarding his well-being. As she and Dakin discuss the future, they also reminisce about the glorious past that Tennessee has brought to their lives. When a NY Times reporter intrudes, Edwina decides to set the story straight about her life and the characters in Tennessee's plays. 

CAST (1 female, 2 males)

Edwina Willaims - strong, southern belle, 80's, short stature


Dakin Williams - mid/late 40's, attorney, younger brother to Tennessee Williams, married, two daughters

Male Actor -(40-55), southern accent, this actor will play three characters. Cornelius Coffin Williams (the father, Tennessee Williams (poet/writer) NY times reporter

Auditions will be held at the Players' Back Door Theater, 1619 49th Street S, Gulfport FL. Arrive a few minutes early to complete an audition form. Resumes and head-shots are helpful but not mandatory. Performances will be March 5-15 at the Catherine Hickman Theater.