The Orange Belt Railroad

November 11-12, 7 PM

Auditions will be held at the Gulfport Players' Back Door Theater, 1619 49th Street S, Gulfport, FL. Please come a few minutes early to complete an audition form. Resumes and headshots are helpful but not mandatory. There are numerous, non-singing roles for men and one non-singing role for a female. ALL those auditioning should bring sheet music and be prepared to sing 16 bars of an upbeat song. An accompanist will be provided.

The Orange Belt Railroad in an original historical play with music written by Clearwater resident Richard Budin. The play which takes place between 1885-1889, tells the story of Peters Demens, a Russian immigrant and small-town businessman who takes a dilapidated railroad in payment for a debt and, with two partners, sets out to build a railroad stretching across Florida to what is claimed as the ideal spot for the world's healthiest city, Point Pinellas. 

MALE ROLES (*Indicates singing role)

*Mr. Peter Demens, 35, 6 ft tall, Russian accent

*Mr Arnold, 35-45

*Mr Miller, 35-45

*Mr Hall, 35-45

*Mr Taylor, 30-40

*Mr Henschen, 45-55

*MrSweetapple, 55-65

*Mr Disston, 35-45

*Mr Williams, 70's

*Mr Armour, 50-60

*Clerk, 18-25

Drexel, 40-50

E.W.Clark, 40-50

Mr. Stotesbury, 40-50

Sheriff, 45-55

Creditor, 40-60

Creditor 2, 40-60

Rolf, 30's - Tanya's love interest

Bank President, 45+

Band Conductor, 45+ non-speaking  

FEMALE ROLES (*Indicates singing role)
*Raisa Demens, 35, short, plump, Russian accent, sarcastic r
*Sarah Williams, 40's, attractive, thin, crafty businesswoman
*Mrs Ward, 40-60, postmaster
Tanya, 30ish, receptionist for Mr Demens, love interest of Rolf

Performances will be January 9-19 at the Catherine Hickman Theater. Questions? Contact