"Take the Couch"

September 3-4

7 PM

Back Door Theater,

1619 49th Street S, Gulfport.

"Take the couch" is an original play by multiple, award-winning Florida playwright, Connie Schindewolf. Director Olga Kruse is seeking 3 males and 5 females for this comedy about new empty nesters who just want to have some adult "together" time.

NATALIE: 55 ish, bright, sarcastic, nervous, looking for some excitement in her life, just want a quiet weekend with husband Steve.

STEVE: 55 ish, doesn't worry as much as Natalie. Just wants a quiet weekend with his wife.

MARTHA: 75 ish, Steve's mother, nosey, bitchy, critical, drinks too much.

GREG: 30 ish, Steve's son, handsome, has had some drug problems, laidback, needs a job.

SARAH: 30 ish, married to Greg, has an infant, a little overwhelmed by motherhood and this family,  but loves Greg dearly.

JOY: 25 ish, Natalie's daughter. Emotionally immature, jealous of Natalie and Steve's child, Jessica.

PEACHES: 30ish, very blonde and attractive with large breasts.

OFFICER GARY MARKHAM: 30-55, curt, sarcastic, frustrated with paperwork.

Plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete an audition form. Show dates November 7-17 at the Catherine Hickman Theater. If you have questions, email gulfportplayers@gmail.com