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1. Will Call Tickets: Call 727-322-0316. Leave your name, indicate how many tickets you need, your selected performance date, and your phone number.
We do this as a courtesy to our patrons. Your tickets will be kept on hold for you at the ticket counter, BUT, they MUST be picked up at least
30 minutes before curtain time, or they may be sold to others awaiting seating. . 

2. Theater tickets will be sold for just $15 each at the following Gulfport locations:
Gulfport Beach Bazaar,  Couture'd Resale Boutique, Gulfport Chamber of Commerce, or at the Gulfport Casino.
You can also buy them at our ticket desk before curtain time.

3. At the door: Patrons may still buy their theater tickets at the door of the Theater before curtain time on their selected performance date. This, of course, applies only when we have tickets available for that performance. We do not oversell our performances, unlike some other theater groups do.

NOTE:  Group tickets sales will also be available for 10 or more persons at the reduced rate of only $10 per ticket! These purchases must be pre-arranged with Cathy Culler, our ticket lady, and paid for ahead of time. Contact Cathy at 727-345-1501 for these group sales. No group sales will be sold at the door!
Children and student tickets (with school ids) are also just $10 each.

NEW! By recent Board approval, there is now a $1 per ticket discount for the Red Hat Society members and also for Bay Pines employees (with ids).

Announcing a new name for our
Rehearsal and Audition Hall
The Back Door Theater
Back Door Theater
1619 - 49th Street South
Gulfport, Florida 33707

We have bought the old Knights of Columbus building in Gulfport as of August 16, 2004. It is 7000 sq. ft. inside, has LOTS of room (complete with a spacious loft), a large parking lot, a full commercial kitchen, and a LOT of potential. This will be our new meeting, audition, and rehearsal space. We will also use the newly named Back Door Theater for some of our productions too.

Our goal is to transform this theater into a performing arts center. It will serve as a testing ground for new plays, new playwrights and challenging new projects. The community, both young and old, will experience children's plays, improv, musical variety shows, and dinner theater.

In the future, we hope grants and stipends will enable us to make improvements to the building and provide training in all aspects of live theater ... acting, set design, lights, sound, music, and dance.

With your help, the Gulfport Community Players will continue to bring the magic of live theater to Gulfport. If you want to be a part of this exciting process, send your donations to:
Gulfport Community Players, Inc.
1619 - 49th Street South
Gulfport, FL 33707

The Gulfport Community Players is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your donations are fully tax deductible. Our IRS number is #59-2135038.

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Because of people like you ... Live Theater Has a Home in Gulfport!
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Gulfport Beach Bazaar
Back Door Theater
1619- 49th Street South
Gulfport, FL 33707
14th Annual Summer One - Act Festival

The Festival will run from July 10th through 20th, 2014
Here's our play lineup, their Playwrights, and their Directors
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Characters Anonymous
Written by Mike Cote * Directed by Vacelia Sanders
Tim/Dean Wick
Chance/Christian McCormick
Janie/Carmilina Alford
Sar-Tran/Ali Karikas

Those Faraway Places
Written by Stanley Toledo * Directed by Vacelia Sanders
Potter/Louis Steele
Gina/Jill Finlayson
Frank Sinatra/Kirk Borland
Nicole Kidman/Vivian Rossbach
Jack London/Corey Kramer

Visiting Grandpa
Written by Ronnie Pantello * Directed by Ralph Platt
Vincent/Russ Tate
Brad/Dean Karikas
Beth/Elizabeth Bell
Robert/Christian McCormick

Murder Is The Best Policy
Written by Joe Alan Johnson * Directed by Ralph Platt
Announcer/Richard LeBeau
Pierre/Mr. Hawkins….Kirk Borland
Doris/Charmain/Cora….Velda Gauthier
Evelyn/Vivian Rossbach
Hank/Dean Wick
Jacob/Christian McCormick

Wholly Moses
Written by Dick Budin * Directed by Steve Bell
God/Richard LeBeau
Moses/Dean Wick

Judge Julie
Written by Joan Petitti * Directed by Steve Bell
Judge Julie/Deb Birchler
Burt/Louis Steele
Chef/Gyula Nemeth
Reginald /Richard LeBeau
Bride/Chris Alencar
George/Kirk Borland
Scarlette Rose Lee/Jennifer Casler

Diddle Diddle and the Dewey Decimal System
Written by Stanley Toledo * Directed by Steve Bell
Constance/Ginny Holscher
Cat/Jill Finlayson
Dish/Mason Mills
Spoon/Ali Karikas

Stellar Communication
Written by Raphael Wings * Directed by Linda Fajvan
Leah/Jennifer Casler
Computer/Joshua Lamb

The Experiment
Written/Composed by Gil Perlroth *
Directed by Gil Perlroth
Verna/Elizabeth Bell
Joe/Steve Bell

Scotty’s View
Written by Connie Schindewolf * Directed by Olga Kruse
Cinda Walker/Marisa Coloney
Jackie Smith/Carmilina Alford
Mrs. Brink/Pat Mahan
Scotty Smith/Christian McCormick

Bottle of Vodka
Written by Connie Schindewolf *
Directed by Olga Kruse
Judy/Velda Gauthier
Will/Louis Steele

Love 101
Written and Directed by Judy Landis
Narrator/Ginny Holscher
Amanda Ross/Deb Birchler
Chrissy/Elizabeth Bell
Sean Hill/Corey Kramer
Ms. Foster/Pat Mahan
Caroline/Velda Gauthier
Jake/Dean Karikas

Contractual Obligations
Written by Jeffery Dow * Directed by Jim Cartwright
Phillip A.K.A. Death/Corey Kramer
Sam Huntley/Stan Gurvitz
Gladys Huntley/Laurie Stoneham
Lisa Huntley/Jennifer Casler

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           Play now closed
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and one Musical
Play closed on
July 20th, 2014