Jr.Stars Next Show 

June 6-16, 2019

"Next Fall" takes a witty and provocative look at faith, commitment, and unconditional love. The play's central story focuses on the five-year relationship between two gay men, Adam and Luke, who make the decision to live together despite Luke being devoutly religious and Adam, being an atheist. When an accident changes everything, Adam must turn to Luke's family for support and answers. Unfortunately, Luke has not come out to his family and Adam wrestles with this as Luke is hanging on to life. A Tony nominee on Broadway, "Next Fall" features Daniel Harris as Adam, Taylor x Taylor as Luke, Philip Belcastro as Brandon, Kara Fokianos as Holly, Dan Franke as Butch and Elizabeth Bell as Arlene. Directed by multi-award director, Patrick Brafford.

Catherine Hickman Theater - 26th Ave and Beach Blvd. Gulfport

Tickets $18 online, $20 lobby (cash only, one hour before showtime)

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